Client Testimonials

Ginny:  I have experienced Anxiety since I was ten years old and its companion Depression on a less intermittent but consistent basis since then as well. At the age of 41 it reached the worst it ever has with experiencing the feelings of “I can no longer live like this” and I was very frightened by this. Since that time I have learned about and now addressed most of the physical health systems and biochemical reasons for my situation. However I have not ever been very comfortable with working through the emotional & spiritual components of my illness. I have tried talk therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and another form of Energy Healing however nothing like Emotion Code. I arrived to see Wendy in a pretty fragile state & after three sessions have felt SO much better. Through Wendy’s lovely, calm, reassuring manner & kindness coupled with Emotion Code work we have released many of the emotionally-charged events from my past. I am now feeling much calmer, inspired, motivated, trusting of my own creativity, my abilities (gifts I have been given) and no longer feel ‘weighted down’ by the feelings & fears from my past.
Through Wendy’s work I also have some daily affirmations I speak throughout the day and I now believe them!! This is phenomenal & everything else that has changed I am very grateful for. I have recommended this style of therapy and healing to others as I feel it has been the least invasive & supportive I have experienced. Thank you Wendy for doing what you do so well and I’ll be seeing you again soon to work through a few other things.

JuliaI had suffered with severe diarrhoea for 5 years and had been diagnosed with Microscopic Collagenous Colitis, possibly brought on by taking long term statin medication for high cholesterol. I was told by a gastroenterologist that it was incurable. I underwent 3 colonoscopies, and a gastroscopy to determine that there was no other cause or Coeliac disease. I had reached the point of thinking that my only way out was to have a colostomy when a friend told me about Wendy. I promptly got in touch and we had an initial appointment which uncovered several intolerances, and I went away armed with positive reassurance that I could be helped, advise on what to eat and a selection of supplements, (feeling very much happier I must add).  Within just a few days my symptoms were abating- it seemed like a miracle! I have continued to improve, and after a second consultation, things are even better. My husband and I can hardly believe the change in my health- I wish I had known about Wendy a long time ago!

Barbara:  Thanks Wendy for introducing me to the Emotion Code. I have had bouts of anxiety all my life but not realising that this wasn't 'normal' you just live with it. After a particular horrendous panic/anxiety attack I thought I didn't want to experience again, I thought of you to visit thinking it was more a deficiency in my diet of some sort. You introduced me to the Emotion Code and after just one visit gradually, and really without realising, I was feeling a different person. The hay fever I had disappeared overnight and dealing with stressful situations as in selling up our property of 26 years and moving to a completely different part of the country, seemed somehow so easy. No sign of anxiety at all and if I thought about it too much I just told myself that it had gone forever and this was the new me! It did occur to me that I should be worried about 'not worrying' - so silly! The second visit was for any residual stuff to be sorted and now I'm feeling bright, looking forward to our move and no where near as exhausted as I used to be. I love the new me! It's like having a new life! Thank you Wendy for introducing me to the Emotion Code. It truly is the most amazing thing - and so very easy!

Lara:   I had extreme mid back pain that would come on at around 3am every morning, the pain was so bad that I could not go back to sleep and it was really hard to take a deep breath. This would continue for a few weeks at a time and did so for years and years. I had tried everything from massage to Bowen therapy to acupuncture but nothing would help long term. I saw an email from Wendy mentioning the Emotion Code and thought I would give it a go, if it was nothing physical causing this issue it had to be emotional.
After 1 session I found relief, the pain was there but only when I woke up and it didn't wake me up with the intense pain that it had been. After a few more sessions with Wendy the symptoms have now completely gone. It was amazing to see how much had come out in the sessions emotionally and what we managed to clear away from the past. Also my day to day anxiety levels have decreased greatly.

Tara:   I brought my 10 year old daughter, Tara to see Wendy after getting exasperated with what to do regarding her worsening and severe constipation. Our GP just kept telling us she needed to drink more and provided more laxatives, but this did not help the problem and she was suffering terribly to the point of soiling herself uncontrollably at school and occasionally tearing herself when she did move her bowels. It was heart breaking. Wendy picked up that she had a severe lactose intolerance and explained to us what she needed to avoid and the suitable substitute foods and drinks. When the doctor had said to drink more fluids, Tara was actually drinking more milk, so we were unknowingly worsening her problem. Within 2 days of changing her diet, Tara’s bowel started to move daily and well. It was an incredible change. When she or well meaning Grandparents strayed off Wendy’s recommendations the problem was straight back. It was so clear and now we know! I am eternally grateful to Wendy for finding the cause of the problem, as it has literally transformed Tara’s health and happiness, to be able to go out and feel comfortable and not worry any longer.

Annette:   For about 1 year I had been so unwell with stomach cramps and bloating, nausea and vomiting, such that I’d have to go home from work some days. Blood tests weren’t showing up anything and I was worried about losing my job. Wendy took a full health history and picked up that I had several food intolerances, including yeast - likely to be due to an over growth of candida - which may be due to all the antibiotics I’ve had for sinus infections and tonsillitis over the last 3 years. My energy was really low and my moods were not pretty I have to admit. Wendy put me on an anti-candida programme and the first couple of weeks my body went through quite a change, as I came off foods I must have literally been addicted to. I then started to feel better than I can remember for a long time. The gut upsets and nausea / vomiting completely stopped, my energy levels and digestion improved, my heavy periods changed completely for the better in 2 months, eczema patches cleared up and I lost a lot of excess weight without even trying. This was a big wake up call for me, as I really hadn’t realised what a big part my diet was playing to all the various health concerns I had at only 22! I feel really healed and happy now and I have learnt so much from Wendy about how to choose foods to suit me and generally about how my body works to keep well. Thank you.

Donna:  My 16 year old daughter has been admitted to Starship Hospital twice in the past year with abdominal pain. They had each time discharged her without finding a cause, so a friend suggested I take her to see Wendy. At the first appointment Wendy established that Donna was in fact very constipated, and I had not been aware of how infrequently she had been going to the toilet. She was able to check and show Donna that she had a couple of food intolerances, which when she avoided them over the next couple of weeks, not only did her stomach pain completely settle and her bowels start moving daily, but her next period was remarkably better, as this was another area she had been suffering. So it has been a very worthwhile exercise finding out the source of the stomach problem, but also getting Donna’s energy and general health on a much better footing. She has a much better awareness now of what is good and bad for her to eat generally, from the helpful information Wendy supplied us with and apart from those typical teenager moments, she has been keen to follow them to feel well and keep out of hospital! We totally recommend seeing Wendy if the reason for your child’s stomach pain can’t be found by doctors. It may well be to do with something in their diet.

Roger:  Having suffered from stomach problems on and off for the past two years I went to my Doctor for help. After some tests which proved negative I was told that it may be a virus. Of course this did not help my situation and as my wife had gone to see Wendy a couple of years ago and had a good result, I decided to do the same. After an initial consultation and checks I found out I was dairy and wheat intolerant. So this required quite a radical change in my diet. I found out in a short time I was feeling a lot better and my stomach had settled down immensely. I stuck to the diet and after a period of 3 months I lost 5 kg in weight (which was perfect for me and effortless, while I got healthier) and found I had a lot more energy and was sleeping better at night. My quality of life has greatly increased. If you have similar problems or want to lose weight I have no hesitation in recommending that you see Wendy.

Deborah:   Going to see Wendy has been the best thing I have done in years. I initially consulted her in an endeavour to lose weight, however after Wendy had gone through my information sheet I had filled out, she identified the on-going insomnia problem I had been experiencing for the last three and a half years. I had been getting no more than 3-4 hours’ sleep a night at least four nights a week and sometimes more than four nights. My GP and other medical professionals had identified the problem as related to menopause and something which would resolve over time. I had tried conventional medicine, natural remedies, acupuncture and other avenues with no real relief. I was exhausted and unable to work efficiently. I thought there were no options and resolved myself that I would have to live with the problem. Wendy showed me how the food I was eating, which I thought was reasonably healthy, was the likely cause. She gave me a food regime to follow and within three to five days of starting, I was sleeping normally. On a couple of occasions I have strayed at dinner and on those nights I experienced sleep difficulties again. As an additional benefit, I have lost 9 kg. This loss felt really effortless. Recently, my GP ordered routine blood tests and my liver readings, which been elevated for the last three years, were completely normal. I have more energy and feel fantastic. I had not realised how much certain foods react with our bodies until Wendy showed me. Wendy listens, offers practical solutions to fit your lifestyle and is available on-line to assist you if you need advice or help. A visit to Wendy would benefit anyone who wants to lose weight or who has other food related difficulties and I thoroughly recommend her services.”

Rachel:   I came to see Wendy by fluke really, after seeing several holistic practitioners. According to my calorie intake I should have been steadily losing weight, but wasn’t – so I knew something wasn’t right. I had issues with insulin resistance and gut inflammation. Wendy identified what no one else had, that I was suffering from Candida out of control in my gut. She recommended specific dietary changes and some supplements, and within 4 months the transformation was really impressive. I had shed 15 kg. My gas drastically reduced and I have been sleeping really deeply. Most impressively after 4 months my previously very elevated insulin level had halved, and my cholesterol had reduced 20% to a really healthy level. I highly recommended Wendy as someone who can get to the bottom of things.

Tracey:   After getting nowhere with conventional medicine, a friend recommended Wendy to help with my health issues. I had been suffering tiredness, yellow eyes, bouts of extreme coldness, gut problems and eventually a very swollen foot and right hand, which meant I had to finish work immediately. I lost 14 kgs for no known reason. When my weight reached 49 kgs I was really concerned. I spent months having scans and endless tests only to be told I was fine. Eventually I was told I probably had arthritis (which type they didn't know as I was unusual!).  Wendy picked up on a number of issues which she felt were potentially contributing to all my symptoms and recommended a big change of diet (I thought I ate well), supplements and stress reducing techniques, which have changed my life for the better. Wendy has a wealth of knowledge and experience which I know enabled her to help me recover. Doctors told me I would need to be on high dose anti-inflammatory drugs for the rest of my life. Since following Wendy’s advice, my inflammation has gone naturally, my gut symptoms have completely settled and I feel healthier than I have done in years. Wendy has a genuine interest in peoples health and has really kept a close eye on me throughout this rough time. She listens wholeheartedly and always goes the extra mile. It brings tears to my eyes to think of where I was and where I could be if I hadn't met Wendy. I believe she saved my life.

Phillipa:    I was referred to Wendy by a friend, when I was desperately seeking help with extreme fatigue, frequent headaches, a sore, bloated stomach and irritable bowel. Nothing I’d tried helped and if anything, I was getting worse and I was struggling to keep up with my job.   Wendy explained what she felt was causing my symptoms after we went through my health history and symptoms and I could at last understand what was going on and what I needed to change. It all made sense! Being pretty desperate at that stage I did absolutely as she suggested with my diet and took a few supplements and I was truly surprised how quickly I started to notice a reduction in my discomfort. Within just a couple of weeks I had lost a couple of unwanted kilos without even trying and was really seeing positive changes in everyday, so I knew I was on the right track at last. A couple of months on, I feel a new person with good energy levels, I’m slimmer, no headaches at all and a settled happy gut!   I have really learnt so much about how to choose and eat more healthily to suit my body and surprised myself how I have no more sugar cravings and actually prefer my new diet and what it’s doing for me. Wendy’s cooking class really gave me the boost I needed too, to enjoy preparing more of my own food. I am back in control and can’t thank her enough.

Jeanette:   I have suffered with irritable bowel and nervous tummy upsets for years Even though I have had help it still continued to plague me.  It was in May 2013, after we had recently moved up North, that our Doctor recommended Wendy to me I was distressed over foods that were upsetting me and I had got to the stage I didn't know what to eat I have always tried to eat healthily and was also conscious of a recent diagnosis of low bone density. I like to do things more naturally so Wendy was the obvious choice, which I am so grateful for.   Wendy straight away assessed that I had Candida affecting my gut (Yeast Infection) and was intolerant to various foods in my diet. As my system was all out of balance Wendy dealt with the different issues and I was soon back to an even keel. I also had difficulties in maintaining my iron levels and Wendy was able to ascertain why and turned this around with amazing results I am very sensitive to all preservatives and additives in products and Wendy was able to help me work out what I could eat. It is amazing how these things can upset you and affect you.  Wendy has been very helpful, so positive and very encouraging as I tend to be a great worrier. She has been wonderful and supportive in helping me to cope and deal with stress - as this can really affect my gut. The progress has been absolutely amazing. I continue to learn to deal with my stress and read my body with Wendy's expert guidance. I have no hesitation in recommending Wendy for any health issues.

Diane I attended one of Wendy Hamilton’s Weight Loss and Health Promotion courses last year (2013) and am absolutely thrilled, as after keeping to her dietary recommendations, I have lost 10 kg. I have continued to work with Wendy’s advice since the course and I now have had the best cholesterol result I’ve had for years, my blood pressure count has dropped to the best it has ever been and today my 3 monthly blood sugar test result has come down to a level that my doctor told me he could say I am no longer diabetic! I am absolutely thrilled with all the improvements in my health. I highly recommend anybody who wants to address these kind of problems, to go and see Wendy and stick with the regime that she suggests, as I know it has helped me tremendously.

ElaineI have struggled to maintain a healthy weight most of my life (I am now 58), and having tried several weight loss programmes over the years. Wendy introduced me to a home programme 6 months ago and I have found it to be the easiest way to lose weight and to help keep it off. I have done the 6 week programme twice, have lost 15 kgs in total and am down 2-3 dress sizes. The most amazing part of the programme is not feeling hungry at all. I am now eating a lot healthier than I ever have and am feeling fantastic. I feel confident that in the future I will be able to keep my weight at a much healthier level.

Katie I have been seeing Wendy now for a 2 year period. I first went to Wendy as I could not lose weight despite the fact that I was eating a healthy diet and doing 3-4 boxing sessions and 3-4 spin classes a week! I have now lost a total of 18kg under her guidance over this time and can’t believe I am wearing Size 8 clothing. As well as helping me with the weight loss she has helped me clear up a number of chronic health issues. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Wendy to anyone who has an interest in improving their health and wellbeing.

TerriI met Wendy in 2013, after a recommendation from a friend. My stomach was in poor health after battling with food intolerances for many years (mainly dairy and wheat), and I had symptoms of a candida infection. Wendy helped me change my diet to address these problems, along with some great recipes. She also recommended vitamins and minerals to get my stomach back into good health. In addition to this, she helped me with relaxation and calming exercises to deal with personal issues that were exacerbating my stomach upsets. I went from having a sore tummy every day, to feeling relatively normal again. Wendy has a fantastic holistic approach that I recommend whole heartedly.

TrevorWendy helped my 8 year old son recover from what at the time was a very scary and ambiguous condition – the specialist doctor called it “CVS - Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome”. He said they could not identify why he would just vomit when he wasn’t sick. We had no idea what was wrong – he would have a week or so of vomiting every night after dinner, eat again, vomit, couldn’t get to sleep, pain in his abdomen, and often have nightmares. This would occur for a week, then he would get better, then six weeks later another round, then better, then a month later, then better, then three weeks – it got more and more frequent. We got blood tests, through our homeopath we treated him for Helicobacter Pylori, tested for Pernicious Anemia, Coeliac disease, different bacteria’s. Often random situations that scared him would trigger the start of a round of vomiting. This lasted a year and 3 months – he missed a lot of school and it was very stressful – we had no idea what to do.  And then a friend recommended Wendy, she did a food intolerance test on him, identified the foods and artificial additives he needed to avoid, and overnight his symptoms completely disappeared and have never come back. Wendy is an angel – absolutely amazing at what she does. There was no guesswork – she knew immediately what was wrong and what we needed to do – it has made a world of difference to us, our boy is healthy again, not missing school, playing, eating, thriving – thanks to her.

JennyWendy did a miracle in my daughter’s life. From the age of 3 until she was 10, my daughter suffered from Encopresis. Encopresis occurs when your child resists having bowel movements, causing impacted stool to collect in the colon and rectum. When your child's colon is full of impacted stool, liquid stool can leak around the impacted stool and out of the anus, staining your child's underwear. Encopresis may also be called stool holding. Wendy had helped our son (above) the year previously and I decided to ask Wendy if she thought she could possibly help my daughter. She has done just that, through recognising again that it must be due to a food intolerance and getting an accurate assessment, recommending the important dietary changes we needed to make and other supporting measures, to get her bowel working normally again.

It all started when my daughter was learning toilet training and started holding in her stools, when she finally tried to go it was huge and painful. Our GP advised we go to a specialist, we got x-rays, found her colon was very enlarged and she was very constipated. The specialist put her on a daily laxative called Miralax and said she needed to be on it for at least six months, maybe even a year, until her colon shrunk back to its normal size and her body learned how to pass stools normally. We were told that if we increased her water intake along with the fibre in her diet, and worked on her behaviourally towards daily toilet sits, we would eventually be able to wean her off the laxative. I kept a daily chart of her stools (size, consistency, timing, etc) and medication – for years. At around age 6, through the help of a naturopath we were able to wean her off the laxatives, onto a daily fibre supplement. But we continued to struggle with frequent soiling. At times it seemed we were doing better, and then at times it was absolutely awful – with no idea how to completely cure her, get her body processing and passing normally.

Then we saw Wendy, she did a full assessment and identified the food in my daughter's diet that was causing the trouble (dairy), and helped me increase the right foods, cleanse treatment, and massage – to get my daughter’s body working properly. Wendy’s approach was so clear, easy to understand, it made sense, I finally got it. It was like this light bulb finally went on, something clicked as Wendy was teaching me the basics of nutrition and how important it is, how simple it is, how much a difference it makes (I had always prided myself on how healthy my family was and the food we ate – but I was kidding myself and Wendy helped me see that – in an organized, kind and nurturing way). The improvement for my daughter didn’t happen overnight, it took quite a while to see the effects of the changes. We had tried to give up dairy before but never stuck with it long enough and serious enough. But Wendy’s confidence in knowing that was the source of the problem, and tough love really got me to address it completely and correctly. She has a gift for helping people where they are, to move them to a better place. Before Wendy, I honestly had given up and was just coping. Now today, my daughter is healthy and her body works the way it is supposed to, the way I always dreamed maybe someday it would.

MargaretI have found working with Wendy a motivating, satisfying experience. I am a busy, perfectionist who was struggling to balance demands with needs! Sound familiar? I was desperate about my long-term health because of my lifestyle and nutrition stresses. I knew I was making choices that were incompatible with good health. So I contacted Wendy, via a friends recommendation. Even at a distance (I don’t live in Auckland), Wendy was able to assess my nutrition needs and provide support to achieve positive changes through nutrition, the right mix of supplements and weight management advice. My guidance from Wendy made sense. She has the ability to reassure you of success by keeping suggestions manageable. If you listen then act it is not difficult. I wish you well with your journey with Wendy.

CraigFollowing a huge physical breakdown due to poor diet and work related stress I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue. I spent years battling this "illness" with various treatments and medications. I was unable to work and my lifestyle was extremely limited. I felt my situation was a hopeless one. A friend suggested I see Wendy, who had helped their child for a different illness and that I should contact her. Within the first consultation I had with Wendy, it became abundantly apparent to me that Wendy clearly understood what was going on in my body. She recognised specifically the problems, causes and more importantly to me had a solution and strategy for me to follow. I followed her instructions closely and three months later (the time frame Wendy had initially suggested) I was working full time, playing sport and living a normal lifestyle. This continues to date, over a year later. It is my opinion that the extensive and varied training Wendy has opted to follow has placed her in a very unique, special and caring position to help people like myself. I have since referred friends and family to her. I wish you good health and happiness too.

GraemeI first went to see Wendy from a recommendation from my Rental Manager and also from my local gym. I was on the verge of Type II Diabetes and had a high cholesterol level. I always thought I ate reasonable well and had attended gyms in Auckland and Warkworth on a regular basis for a number of years. Anyway after following Wendy’s nutritional programme for me, I was able to reduce the cholesterol level to normal (despite having stopped the Lipex medication) and bring the blood sugar level under better control, preventing it from blowing out to full diabetes. I am pleased to say she found the underlying causes of my problems and combined nutritional and lifestyle measures to overcome them naturally, plus the bonus that I lost 8kg as well, so riding my beloved bike is a lot easier these days. Also I know she is there if I occasionally need a rev-up when one strays too far from the programme. I am pleased to say I have recommended Wendy to a number of my staff and friends with a wide range of health concerns and all have reported a significant change for the better, so I would have no hesitation in recommending Wendy if you want to optimise your health and well-being naturally.

GaelWhen I first visited Wendy I suffered from Fatigue, Heyfever and Asthma. The Asthma was slowly getting worse with age. Since visiting Wendy (in two visits) I have lost 4 kilo`s and my health has gone from a 4 to a 9 out of 10, I cannot believe the difference.I have  very little Hayfever and Asthma, and if I do it is usually dust related. One day I had a pickled onion with preservatives in it and I had an Asthma attack immediately, this proved to me how much diet affected my health. I have always believed that natural food`s that can decompose and rot must move through the body much faster than food with preservatives. If food can sit on the super market shelves for months who is to say it`s not sitting in your body for longer, before it moves through. I thoroughly recommend Wendy, I found her because I saw the fantastic results she acheived with a friend of mine.Isn`t this always the way you find someone who is really good at what they do?

Sue I first went to see Wendy in May 2006, after years of annoying health problems for which there seemed to be no answer. I had suffered from bladder infections, headaches, thrush, constipation and bloated stomach aches for almost 30 years, and felt depressed with the endless visits to the doctor, and the inevitable antibiotics that followed. Wendy assessed that I had insufficient stomach acid and enzymes for food digestion, Candida (a yeast) infection, several vitamin and mineral deficiencies and also a number of food intolerances that were contributing to my symptoms. She gave me information about Candida, a diet sheet to follow, meal suggestions and recipes, various vitamins, minerals and gut repairing supplements to take on a regular basis, and some sound advice on exercise and ways to generally improve my health. It was a challenging few months following the diet closely, but my efforts were well rewarded, as I have to say that the results have been astounding. I have never felt so well, have increased amounts of energy and none of the annoying problems of the past.

Dennis I went to see Wendy in January 2007, as a last ditch effort to lose weight. I felt that I had tried every diet going, including Weight Watchers twice, Jenny Craig, Food Combining and Food for Life. They all worked for a while, but for various reasons I but the weight back on, as I didn’t find I could keep up what they required. In the New Year I was 111Kg, my cholesterol was high and my doctor wanted to put me on a drug to lower it. I was already on medication to lower my blood pressure and I was concerned about my risk of developing Diabetes in the future. Wendy put me on a Weight Loss Programme of dietary guidelines and meal suggestions, nutritional supplements (that helped stop my cravings, improve energy, improve my liver health) and an exercise regime. Within a month my indigestion had stopped, my energy was much better and I had lost nearly 7kg. By 1st May I had lost 17Kgs, my cholesterol had dropped significantly and my blood pressure was down, so my doctor halved the medication. I continue on a maintenance programme and am quite certain I will not put the weight back on again. My goal is to lose 30Kg and to come off the blood pressure drug and I am well over half way there. I find the meal suggestions fulfilling and tasty and I have gained much better control of my eating habits, having generally improved my lifestyle and feel so much better for it.

Barbara I had the misfortune of being a victim of inexcusable dental malpractice and as a consequence I was susceptible to throat and ear infections, which over many years were treated with many doses of antibiotics. I was fortunate to have Wendy Hamilton highly recommended to me at a stage when I had become very unwell with numerous symptoms and was very disillusioned with the various medical diagnoses presented to me, which failed completely. Wendy immediately assessed that I had a chronic case of Candida Albicans (yeast infection) due to numerous courses of antibiotics, that I had a virus and that my immune and digestive system were not operating correctly and that my liver needed some attention. With this assessment, Wendy immediately put me on a restrictive though balanced diet and over a seven month period recommended the necessary vitamins, supplements and anti-fungal drops during my monthly consultations.

Barbara's testimonial

The before and after photos show graphically what happened to just one of many angry skin flare-up symptoms that I had on my body on first visiting Wendy, which I am delighted to say are all now completely cleared up with Wendy’s guidance. My excellent health, energy levels and happiness have been restored to what it should be thankfully due to Wendy’s accurate assessment. I was most impressed with her professionalism plus her gentle and caring approach towards her clients.

KathleenI first took my 14 year old daughter Kathleen, to Wendy in February 2004. She had been very unwell for most of the summer school holidays. At the end of the previous school year I had noticed that she was very pale and was suffering from tiredness. I put it down to exam pressure at the end of year 9 (3rd form) and thought the holidays would quickly see her pick up. This was not to be, for six weeks I took her to the doctor every week and on some weeks had her there twice a week. She had numerous blood tests, x-rays and scans and the doctor was unable to diagnose her. I had a teenager who had spent nearly all of her Christmas holidays in bed! The doctor kept on saying it was probably a virus – this seemed very unlikely to me the symptoms didn’t really seem like virus symptoms.

In the meantime Kathleen had extreme tiredness and lethargy, very achy joints, sore back, headaches, extremely sore stomachs, diarrhoea or constipation, periods that made her roll around the floor in pain and vomit, was unable to concentrate, was exceedingly moody and was unable to cope with physical activity. Even though my doctor could not diagnose Kathleen after about 4 weeks he focused on the periods and suggested that putting her on the pill would probably solve all the problems. As he couldn’t diagnose her and the scan had revealed nothing to be causing these problems I said no to the pill. When Kathleen was 4 she was critically ill with a bowel problem, at that time she was terribly pale and her extremities were past pale – they were transparent she was starting to look extremely pale like she did when she was 4, I was beside myself with worry. The school year was about to start and Kathleen was terribly unwell.

About half way through the previous year my Mum had started going to Wendy but had not told any of the family very much about it, but when I said to Mum that I really didn’t know what else to do about Kathleen she opened up and suggested that perhaps I should give Wendy a call. That evening I had a long chat to Wendy she quickly realised the severity of the situation and organised for us to see her early the next week. We live in the Waikato so travelled to Orewa and had a two and a half hour consultation. Wendy left no stone unturned, she diagnosed Kathleen as a Candida sufferer – this was my first encounter with a practitioner who was not a doctor and what a revelation it was. Wendy imparts information most of the time you are with her about how to get well. We left Wendy’s rooms armed with a shopping list and recipes and a small list of cookbooks that would be helpful, a lot of written information and a head full of new information. Getting well you quickly realise is going to be in your hands by putting the correct foods into your body. Kathleen needed to eliminate yeast, sugar, wheat, rye and dairy – I had to learn to cook again and there is a big commitment needed from all family members to make it work. But work it has and within a very short period of time Kathleen was starting to feel much better. Within 3 months she was better than I have ever seen her, once you start to feel better it easy to avoid the foods that cause the problems. Kathleen has been amazing as she won’t eat anything she thinks will make her feel unwell. It is not easy for the cook in a family situation but gradually you find ways of only cooking one dinner, and other family members slowly adjust to the new diet. Although Kathleen has been able to come back onto most foods in moderation, she still cannot tolerate any sugar. She has boundless energy, exercises, has no sore stomachs, her back is better, she has normal periods, her bowel acts normally, she has a vitality about her that others are in awe of. She is a lovely teenager no more moods, all of the dynamics in our family are so much better because Kathleen is well. Her concentration has improved and we have seen her marks at school significantly increase. Kathleen is now 18, is in her last year at school and is aiming to be an Engineer, this has been achievable for Kathleen because she is really well and able to focus.

I take Kathleen back to Wendy each school holiday as I believe an important part of getting well is the body balancing muscle testing systems that Wendy practises. If you have a problem that you need advice on Wendy is only an email away, she really cares about your health and will always respond quickly to a query.

I am a firm believer in Wendy, the body balancing that she practices and her nutritional advice, she empowers you to become well, she does not make you dependent on her, you are actually dependent upon yourself to avoid the foods that are making you unwell and you need to make the necessary lifestyle changes. How well you feel is entirely up to you. It is a marvellous way to get well and stay well. Wellness is built on a new knowledge base that you have acquired.  ~ Robyn-Anne

Testimonials following the Optimum Health Weight Loss & Health Promotion Programme
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I went on the programme to lose 3kg and lost 7kg! What I learned from the course has beneficially impacted my eating habits and health and I kept my weight off . My whole family’s diet and well being so improved as a result of the knowledge I gained. I just know that my health wouldn’t have been as good as it is today, if I hadn’t done Wendy’s programme! - Linda, Warkworth

I lost 8kg without even trying, just by following Wendy’s guidelines. The course was life changing to me. I learnt so much on such a wide variety of topics over the programme, most of which I have never forgotten. It definitely raised my awareness about food and I gained the knowledge to be able to make better choices on what I put in my body to keep my weight where I want it and to maintain good health. - Donna, Papakura

I thoroughly recommend anyone who is interested in eating healthy and losing weight to do the course with Wendy at Optimum Health. I thoroughly enjoyed learning not only what I should and should not be eating but also why. I have lost seven kilos without even trying and feel great and will continue to my goal weight. I have given up a lot of the wrong foods, but have not craved any of it. I wish I had known about this years ago. - Barbara, Mairangi Bay


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